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Since 2013 Artist Coalition Group has evolved into one of the most respected independent booking agencies for metal and rock bands worldwide. Led by Thomas “René” Geber, an industry veteran with over a decade of experience, this agency has built an impressive roster of bands and is proud to represent some of the most renowned metal acts from around the globe.

Raising Metal's Roar Worldwide: Where Legends and Rising Stars Unite!

About Artist Coalition Group

Artist Coalition Group specializes in booking metal bands for tours and festivals worldwide. With an impressive client portfolio that includes emerging talents and legendary artists alike, the agency has earned a global reputation for its professionalism and dedication. Currently, their clients include bands such as EKTOMORF (Hungary), THE UNGUIDED (Sweden), RAUNCHY (Denmark), MAY THE SILENCE FAIL (Germany), and many more. The list of past clients is equally impressive, featuring names like ILL NIÑO (USA), SONIC SYNDICATE (Sweden), CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP (UK), and many more.

Crafting Music Success Since 2006: Where Passion Meets Professionalism!

Behind the Scenes

The success story of Artist Coalition Group began as early as 2006 when René started managing bands like Mindead and May the Silence Fail without formal agency representation. The journey to the official founding of the agency in 2013 was marked by hard work and a passion for music that has never waned.

The bands represented by Artist Coalition Group appreciate the attention to detail and the unwavering dedication that René and his team put into every tour. From personalized jackets to high-quality tour passes, the agency always goes the extra mile to ensure every tour is a resounding success. René is not just a businessman but also a genuine friend and supporter of the bands, who takes the time to attend shows and even personally accompany some tours.

Music and the artists are the most important things to us“, says René. “We pour our hearts into making every tour a success, and we want the bands to have the time of their lives“.

Artist Coalition Group is the ultimate choice for metal bands planning worldwide tours or festival appearances. The agency stands for professionalism, dedication, and unforgettable live experiences. Get in touch with them today and make your dream of a successful music career a reality.


Your Music, Our Passion

About The Founder

Thomas “René” Geber, the founder and head of the agency, personally manages all artists, ensuring that the needs and desires of the bands are always at the forefront. Close collaboration with the artists is a hallmark of Artist Coalition Group. René and his dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure that every tour becomes an unforgettable experience.


At Artist Coalition Group, we highly value our professional approach to booking metal bands. We ensure that every detail of tours and festival appearances is handled with professionalism.


Our agency's founder, René, and our dedicated team are known for their unwavering dedication to the bands we represent. We go the extra mile to make every tour a success.


Close collaboration with artists is our signature. We work intimately with bands to grasp their needs and desires, ensuring a unforgettable tour experiences.

Crafting Music Success Together!

Are you ready to take your event, show, or festival to the next level? Look no further than Artist Coalition Group. With a rich history dating back to 2006 and officially established in 2013, we’ve been crafting music success stories for nearly two decades.

Our specialization in booking metal bands for tours and festivals worldwide has earned us a stellar reputation in the music industry.

At Artist Coalition Group, our approach is deeply rooted in professionalism and dedication. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to collaboration with artists. We don’t just book bands; we become their allies and friends.

We believe that the music and the artists are paramount, and our passion shines through in every endeavor.

Our agents are prompt in responding to inquiries and provide availability and pricing for artists until an offer is accepted. We pride ourselves on being a hardworking and determined agency that places the artist and their music above all else.

So, why wait? Take the first step toward an unforgettable music experience. Book your band with Artist Coalition Group today and make your event an extraordinary success. Let’s craft music history together!

Upcoming event

Passionate for music

EKTOMORF – VIVID BLACK over europe 2024

28.02. – PL – Szczecin, Krzywy Gryf
29.02. – PL – Warszawa, VooDoo Club
01.03. – LT – Vilnius, Vakaris Pramogų salė
02.03. – ET – Tallinn, Paavli Kultuurivabrik
03.03. – LE – Rīga, Klub Republika
04.03. – PL – Białystok, 6-Ścian
05.03. – PL – Kraków, Garage Pub
06.03. – DE – Erfurt, From Hell
07.03. – DE – Berlin, ORWOhaus
08.03. – DE – Cham, L.A. Live Style Cafe
09.03. – DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
10.03. – DE – Hamburg, Logo
11.03. – tbc
12.03. – tbc
13.03. – DE – Magdeburg, Factory
14.03. – DE – Siegburg, Kubana
15.03. – DE – Weinheim, Club Central
16.03. – CH – Aarburg, Musigburg
17.03. – DE – Übach-Palenberg, Rockfabrik
18.03. – DE – Hannover, Subkultur
19.03. – DE – Göttingen, Musa Saal
20.03. – DE – Konstanz, Kulturladen
21.03. – BE – Bilzen, South of Heaven
22.03. – DE – Leipzig, Hellraiser
23.03. – DE – Selb, Rockclub
24.03. – DE – Osnabrück, Westwerk
25.03. – DE – Düsseldorf, Pitcher
26.03. – DE – Bremen, Tower Musikclub
27.03. – DE – Essen, Zeche Carl
28.03. – DE – München, Backstage
29.03. – AT – Wörgl, Komma
30.03. – CZ – Brno, Fléda Club
31.03. – CZ – Liberec, Bunkr Club
01.04. – CZ – Ostrava, Garage Club
02.04. – SK – Košice, Collosseum Club
03.04. – SL – Bracɪslava, Randal Club
04.04. – CH – Frauenfeld, Eisenwerk
05.04. – SI – Maribor, MC Pekarna Kulturni Klub
06.04. – HU – Bèkèscsaba, Csabagyöngye

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